Riaz Patel is an Executive Producer/Director of TV series & media projects in Los Angeles with a specific focus on transformative, perspective shifting projects. He has been nominated for two Emmy Awards, and an NAACP Image Award for creatively leading shows for NBC/Universal, Lifetime, Discovery, and many others. His shows have been filmed in 21 different countries, and distributed worldwide by companies like A&E, MTV, Hulu, and Netflix. His most recent project, “The RAD Impact Awards” featured Priyanka Chopra, Margot Robbie, Charlize Theron, Laverne Cox & Travis Scott and earned 138.4 million impressions online. He sits on the Board of Trustees of Odyssey/Impact (NYC) and The Jenesse Center (LA).

‍    In reaction to the media-induced communication crisis and ever growing divide in America, Riaz spent seven years creating & testing The EPIC System, a new framework that changes how we talk about divisive issues. Riaz & his EPIC System have been profiled by Forbes, The Washington Post, CNN, The Blaze, and Huffington Post. EPIC is taught at universities, high schools, companies, and places of worship.

‍    Riaz currently resides in Sherman Oaks, CA with his husband Myles, and their two children, Zara and Tenzing.

Below, you will find some notable examples of the perspective shifting work Riaz has done over his 20+ year career in Hollywood.

A brief, 90 second reel with some of Riaz’s highlights

Riaz’s acceptance speech after receiving the Silver Rose award 

A Leadership Keynote Riaz gave at Weber State

“Make America Dinner Again"

The First time Glenn Beck & Riaz had a sit-down conversation